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Mobile apps built with Facebook's SDK secretly shovel mountains of that the apps they built would spy on their users on Facebook's behalf.
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It plans to limit the sale of the device to 'approved' buyers. Even if approved, buyers will have to sign an agreement agreeing to keep their details of the phone secret. The self destructing gadget could be the ultimate hi-tech accessory for spies.

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  • Boeing is making a spy phone that self-destructs.
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It also reveals that the handset will be completely sealed, and any attempt to open it will destroy the phone and delete all the data on it. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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  • Boeing unveils encrypted ‘Black’ spy phone which self‑destructs when tampered with | WeLiveSecurity.
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Cellphone surveillance

The Right to Repair movement got state legislatures to consider more than a dozen Right to Repair bills last year, and have made great strides in the EU and elsewhere, but for every two steps forward they manage, they're forced a step or two back by giant corporate lobbyists, led by Apple, who want to ensure that third parties can't repair products, and that a manufacturer's decision it's time to retire a product from the market won't be challenged by independent repair depots.

Senator Ron Wyden has publicly denounced both Apple and Google for hosting mobile apps that connect to Absher, a Saudi government service designed to allow Saudi men to track their spouses and employees' whereabouts at all times. Facebook loves " zero rating ," when an internet provider takes bribes from online services to exempt them from data charges on their networks: Facebook says that having a roster of Facebook-approved services that are free-to-use benefits the poorest people in a country and the fact that this also makes "Facebook" synonymous with "internet" for whole nations is merely incidental.

After a blockbuster report in Motherboard revealed that bounty hunters were able to buy realtime location data that originated with three of the four major cellular carriers the exception is Verizon , the carriers scrambled to spin the news, insisting that the bounty hunter access represented a recent, small-scale aberration, but a new set of leaks reported on in Motherboard reveals that the practice has gone on for years, at industrial scale, and that the resellers who supplied bail bondsmen and other unsavory types in secret have changed names, but are still in business.

Boeing's 'Black' smartphone will deactivate if tampered with

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Phone signals pose crash threat to some Boeing and aircraft models

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How To Spin a Phone on Your Finger!

The components listed by Boeing are commercial-grade — but the site hints at further hardware within the tamper-resistant casing. Other companies aim to launch similar encrypted phones, with a view to markets outside of government.