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Install Android Spy TheTruthSpy App (version x) . It is your time unrevealing the truth is hidden behind the changed behavior of your spouse. Catch him.
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There are some android applications which provide you the flexibility to track down each single activity of the target device like instant messaging, SMS, media files, call history or just their GPS location.

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These services can be availed with a minimum subscription fee, and then you are good to go. Below mentioned are some of the best applications which you may find handy:. This application is the first choice of parents, spouses or even employers to spy on their respective targets.

It also helps you to view the personal text messages, passwords or even mails of the targeted Android phone, using Advanced Keylogger feature. This app also provides features to restrict the use of particular websites like gambling or even social networking, and helps to track down the browsing history of the person you want to spy on.

You can listen to conversations secretly with the help of this app.

All you have to do is to set a secret pin for the application and turn your phone to silent mode, and then hide your phone at such a place which is untraceable. For the next step, you will have to send an SMS to your cell phone. The app will call you back immediately and you are good to go. Then FlexiSpy is the application you are looking for. FlexiSpy is a high-end spy software solution. It will help you with a complete access to the information you need on Android, Symbian or iOS devices and take actions accordingly. But go for this application only if you are an expert with complex applications, and ready to shell out enough money.

FlexiSpy has been ruling the spy software business since by providing high-end features to track down the person you want to. FlexiSpy also provides with the options to track down GPS locations and browsing history of the target person. The activity log is stored on FlexiSpy servers, which can be accessed from the control panel of your mobile device. As the name suggests, the Extreme version is more far-fetched with high-end features to cater your needs as compared to the Premium version.

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If you want to use Jailbreaking feature of FlexiSpy, try using it on iOS platforms, as the app may sometimes crash on Android devices. As the FlexiSpy application comes with super rich features, its cost is also high as compared to other apps. MobiStealth is a very excellent application for Parents to monitor over the activities of their children round the clock. The application has the most user-friendly interface, affordable price range in the market and is compatible with Android, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry platforms. What can you expect after buying this spy software application?

The next step would be to set up an account and you can get working. If device is lost under any circumstances, this app provides you with a unique feature of completely wiping off the data on target device remotely. TheTruthSpy is one of the most affordable spy software solutions with features available in different packages for android versions 2.

This application works in a stealth mode. All the basic features like message tracking, location finder, access to multimedia files like photos and videos are included in this application.

TheTruthSpy also monitors browsing history and social network loggings. It also provides notifications when restricted website or data has been accessed on the other device, along with the sim card change alerts. It also comes with a 48 hours free trial feature. This application faces drawback in the support area where your issues and problems in connection with the software would not be answered quickly as compared to other applications. If you are in need of a spy software solution, which will cater to your personal needs, then Spyera application is the solution for you.

Spyera ranks among the top few excellent software solutions in the Android market for monitoring and tracking activities. Spyera is highly compatible with all the Android devices even if it is not rooted. It may sometime face issues with Android version 5. The installation just takes minutes of your time.

It provides the user with great interface to carry out their spying activities. You can track down the GPS location of target on a real time basis. This app also alerts you when a sim card has been changed on the targeted Android device. Spyera comes with a Password Cracker feature which helps you to fetch email, applications and Android phones passwords.

This feature notifies whenever a password is changed or notified on an Android device by accessing local cache or a temporary memory. Spyera is completely undetectable from home screen, task manager and launcher.

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You can also remotely update the server, uninstall application or even move the app to different platform. Ear Spy is one of the best spy applications, exclusively for spying on conversations, which help you to monitor the conversations around you. This application can be called as the best high-powered Eavesdropping tool. Your Android device microphone comes handy when using this application, as it amplifies the sound around for you to easily listen to conversations even at distant locations like room other than yours.

Ear Spy comes with a graphic audio equalizer to aid the process of simplifying audio signals. The only necessity to utilize this app is headsets, without which you will fail to listen to conversations properly. Ear Spy Pro versions comes with super benefits like Echo cancellations, noise suppressions, MP3 recording and virtualizer. This application is absolutely free of cost and comes with no hidden charges.

It is useful to people who just want to eavesdrop or try getting more information from a secret conversation.

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You can also spy on people by using a Bluetooth headset with the Ear Spy application. All you need to do is turn on your Bluetooth device and leave your phone at a place where you want to spy, and this device will do wonders. Usually notes logs contains very important information so it can be the very useful feature. This app allows you to see keystrokes ie. Invisible mode — as soon as you make the required steps to start to monitor mobile phone you can choose to hide the Truth Spy app in the background. Remotely lock the phone or block apps — you can easily lock the target phone or block some app form distant location.

Remote uninstall — if you suddenly choose to stop and completely remove the spy app from the Android or iPhone, you can use the remote uninstall feature. Most users think that this mobile spy app is some advance tech and complicated app. Well, this is just an app which requires setting up the process but these are easy procedures.

Ok, now follows the compatibility part of the Truth Spy review The compatibility for smartphones these days include compatibility with Android and iOS platform.

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In this part of the Truth Spy review I want to show you :. In just a few seconds you will see the review of Truth Spy for Android spy and all platform spying specifics. All manufacturers of Android devices are supported but how about Android OS version. The Truth Spy Android review testing shows that this app supports:. On the other hand, the Truth Spy review testing shows that all features are fully supported for Android platform but as you can see many new OS versions are not supported. Please note that! The second platform is iOS.

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The most questions are concerning iPhone spy so in this part of the Truth Spy review I want to show you the iPhone iOS that are supported for remote monitoring. Also, all features that this monitoring app has are available for iPhone spy but as you can see many new iOS versions are not supported so please note that. So as you can see in this review, both most spread platforms are fully supported for secret and remote spying on its activities.

In the Truth Spy review , I want to mention that this app has a very attractive price. It is affordable for anyone who wants to get the call and surrounding recording feature. So if you ask me this app is worth only if you want call recording and live listening and recording of the phone surrounding features. This is the Truth Spy Gold version. There are other phones spy apps that will provide you with more features for less price. I would suggest you see Highster Mobile lifetime license for monitoring or mSpy stronger but subscription license type.

However, you can get it for free because there is a FREE trial version 48 hours.

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However, note the only safe way to get Truth spy free download is on the main page. Many users download the apps from various sources and that can be very dangerous. Check TheTruthSpy. At the end of the price and features analysis, I can sum up the good and the bad points of this monitoring app. So when we look at the app it is an inexpensive call recorder and ambient recorder solution. It provides you with many other features however I would not give it an advantage there.

I know it is not easy to take the mobile phone and get started with the monitoring. Well, I remember when I first wanted to start monitoring. I will show you three easy steps which you need to do in order to get started. The Setup procedure requires only 3 steps to getting started with the phone monitoring. You will need to do it right in order to successfully get all features.

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The Truth Spy Download – The True Spy App to Monitor Android & iPhone

The purchase is the first step into the mobile phone monitoring. You need to take an action, ie. Ok, I have to mention in this Truth Spy review that there is a free trial period so you can make sure that app will work. Ok, once you purchase the app or decide to try the trial period you need to proceed with the next step. Many users think they can install the app without access on the target phone but that is not possible.

This is just an app that is used for monitoring and as any other app, it needs permissions which can be only provided by having access to the phone. Once you have devices you can simply use the download link that is provided to you with the purchase or the trial version that you get on the main TheTruthSpy. Once you did the downloading and installing process you are only one step from monitoring. You need to login to your online panel and make the setting by your preferences.

Whenever you want to see the data just log in from any device with the internet to your account and view all the extracted data remotely and secretly.